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Advantages using Tech Host Farms

why you should use Cloud Mining services like Tech Host Farms 

1) No technical knowledge is required

For beginners looking on Google for ways to mine bitcoin, this is a very simple and fast service to use. In fact, it requires virtually no real knowledge of cryptocurrency mining.

There is no need to know what an ASIC is, what a mining pool or a mining farm is, it is not necessary to know how to use mining tools, what protocols to use and how to connect to the mining pool (Stratum or otherwise). It is enough to simply create an account, pay the relative fee according to the hash rate one intends to buy, keeping in mind that the greater the hash rate, the greater the revenue will be, and activate the service. The earnings will be credited directly to the user’s account.


No need to purchase hardware

Another advantage of UsingTech Host Farms  is that there is no need to purchase any mining equipment. This means that you don’t have to study which are the best ASICs or video cards for mining, which saves an awful lot of time. For the nerdy user, buying, installing, and tuning hardware is perhaps the most fun part of mining. However, for those who do not have knowledge of the sector all of this time and studying is spared.

Perhaps the real good thing about cloud mining is that, since you don’t really own a certain ASIC or GPU, there is no need to worry about devaluing and updating your equipment. The actual mining, with all the related technicalities, is a black box for the end-users. And of course, all this will end up costing them a great deal.

No operating costs, no heat, and no noise

Have you ever had the chance to touch an Antminer S9 that mines bitcoin? It is a machine that consumes 1500 watts per hour, produces a lot of heat, and, as a result, emits a deafening noise due to the cooling system.

It is easy to see that these are not devices to be kept at home. These devices require a suitable environment with good ventilation, away from or isolated from the living space. The same goes for mining rigs with multiple GPUs, although in this case, the noise level is usually lower.

Having one or more ASICs for mining bitcoin also requires a large amount of electricity. Domestic energy supply contracts usually start from a minimum of 3 watts. However, with one or more 1.5 kW ASICs each, it becomes unsustainable to power both the home and the mining machines at the same time for small contracts.

Therefore, those who for example live in an apartment will hardly be able to mine bitcoin in the house due to all the constraints above mentioned. That’s why cloud mining could be the only option.


There’s no noise pollution
 using Tech Host Farms means zero noise pollution from humming fans (so if you are mining from your bedroom, your parents will be pleased). You can simply mine the cryptocurrency while going about your daily life.


The key takeaway

Even when you remove the high upfront costs from a traditional Bitcoin mining setup, Bitcoin cloud mining remains far less profitable. The biggest benefits are that it’s easy to get started and requires no special hardware or electricity costs. But if you’re aiming to make a profit, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.