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User Agreements

1.1. The present User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) governs the relationship between the Local Authority of the Tech Host Farms    service Website

1.2. The Website Local Authority can make changes to any clauses of the Agreement, edit them and add new terms without notifying the User. A user who continues to use the Website after changes to the Agreement was made, fully accepts them.

1.3. The Website Local Authority assigns full personal responsibility to the User for checking the changes in the submitted Agreement.

1.4. The subject of the presented Agreement is access to the use of the facilities of the Website Tech Host Farms . The agreement is legally binding for its participants — the Website Local Authority and the User.

1.5. The User agrees to study the terms of this Agreement before completing the registration form. By registering, the User confirms full acceptance of all terms of the submitted Agreement.

2. Registration

2.1. Only an adult can become a user of the Website. By registering, you confirm this.

2.2. A user is considered to be an individual registered on the Site in compliance with the requirements of a website.

2.3. To register, you must fill in the appropriate sections of the form and confirm the registration by following the instructions that will be automatically sent to your email inbox.

2.4. Each user who successfully passes the registration process is assigned a personal number (ID).

2.5. If suspicious activity is detected in the Personal Account, such as unauthorized access to the password or log in, the User must notify the Website Local Authority.

2.6. The User is fully responsible for every action taken in his personal account.

2.7 The User is not entitled to create multiple accounts on the Site. First, an account cannot be used to provide any benefits to another account of the same user, for example, by linking accounts using a referral program. The user can use only one account ("ban on the use of multi-accounts"). The site administration strongly recommends that users with multiple accounts close one of them since a violation of the Ban on the Use of Multi-Accounts threatens to immediately revoke the right to use the service.

2.7.1 The User is not entitled to create an account on the Site on behalf of or instead of another person. In case of violation of that ban, the Administration reserves the right to deprive the user of the right to use the Site.

3. Services

3.1. By accepting the Agreement, the User authorizes the Local Authority of the Website to provide services. The "Agreement for Mining" is concluded between the Website Local Authority and the User. According to the provisions of the Agreement, the Website Local Authority grants the User a certain amount of computing power for the mining of crypto-currencies, based on the rate chosen by the User.

3.2. The user can use the service of cryptocurrency only on his own behalf, to receive his profit, realizing the possible risks. Violation of this clause of the Agreement may serve as an excuse for terminating the Agreement for mining by the Local Authority unilaterally.

3.3. The User shall pay and owe the service provider certain data center operation maintenance fees for use of the Services as described in this Agreement. The service provider shall calculate and automatically deduct the Maintenance Fees from Customer’s Hash Rate Output on a daily basis. In the event that the Hash Rate Output for one or more days does not cover the Maintenance Fees, the service provider may deduct the Maintenance Fees from any subsequent Hash Rate Output during the Term of the Agreement. The service provider may sometimes offer promotions for which Maintenance Fees should be prepaid. The service provider may sometimes offer certain services, products, or promotions for which there is either no Maintenance Fees or Maintenance Fees have been waived, modified, or discounted. For example Prepaid Special 360.

4. Using Website facilities

4.1. access to the services of a website is open only to a registered user with an active personal account.

4.2. The Local Authority may request the identity proving documents from the User in certain cases (for the protection of accounts from unauthorized actions of third parties).

4.3. The Website and the content contained on the pages of the Website and managed by the Local Authority are owned by the Local Authority.

4.4. The user who transfers funds to his personal balance in the system confirms that all incoming transactions are made to pay for service and receive profit from the mining, based on the selected rate.

4.5 The user is provided with the transaction statement on a daily basis. In case of disagreement with the daily statement, the User shall notify the Support service within 24 hours after receiving the statement. Otherwise, this statement will be considered as confirmed by the User.

5. Responsibility and risk awareness

5.1. Any activity related to cryptocurrencies is fraught with a number of risks. Taking into account the fact that cryptocurrencies are decentralized and their turnover cannot be clearly regulated, the rate is highly volatile, the complexity of production is constantly changing, the rates and other details of the Mining Agreement can be changed. The user assumes all risks associated with the change in the value of the extracted cryptocurrency. The user also assumes responsibility for the management of crypto-currencies on his balance sheet and any fees or damages caused to him by third parties.

5.2. Any information published on the Website or broadcast through the official communication channels of our service (including details of rates) may be changed.

5.3. The Local Authority of the Website is not responsible for any delays and technical failures in the operation of the service caused by the fault of payment systems, banks, as well as for interruptions or malfunctions caused by force majeure and/or breakdowns in electrical, telecommunications and other engineering networks.

5.4. The Local Authority of the Website is not responsible for the correct operation of the Website if the User does not have a device and the technical means suitable for full use of the functionality and capabilities of the Website.

5.5. By accepting the Agreement, the User confirms his refusal of any claims against the Local Authority if he has committed fraudulent actions or spread deliberately false information. The User also assumes responsibility for the correctness of all data provided by him to the Local Authority, any violations of the law, as well as the actions of third parties committed in the personal account of the User.

6. Local Authority Rights

6.1. The Local Authority reserves the right to transfer personal data of the User to law enforcement agencies in case of submission of the corresponding official request by the latter. In addition, the disclosure of personal data is possible to determine whenever the User is violating the terms of the Agreement and is harmful to the Local Authority or other Users of the Service.

6.2. In case of violation of the terms of the submitted Agreement by the User, the Local Authority reserves the right to restrict or completely block access to the Website without notifying the User first.

6.3. The Local Authority reserves the right to terminate the terms of the Services and block access to the account and the Website as a whole if the User is suspected of fraudulent activities, theft of confidential information, violation of copyright, and other intellectual property rights. In the presence of grounds, restriction of access or complete blocking is carried out by the Local Authority without notification of the User.

7. The Mining Agreement status change

7.1. The Local Authority can stop the operation of the Agreement unilaterally, without violating the User's property rights.

7.2. The User may request the Administration to change the status of the Agreement, namely to extend or stop its validity by contacting the Customer Support Service.

7.3. The Local Authority can delete user accounts if there is no activity in them. The account can be deleted if within a month after registration no replenishment has been received on its balance for payment of the Mining Agreement.

8. Force Majeure Circumstances

8.1. The Project Local Authority is not responsible for non-compliance with the terms of the Agreement and the Mining Agreement provoked by force majeure circumstances.

8.2. Force Majeure Circumstances include unpredictable events that do not depend on the will of the parties to the Agreement and lead to the impossibility of fulfilling obligations. Force majeure circumstances include war and hostilities, terrorist acts and threats of terrorism, natural disasters, epidemics, natural disasters of all kinds, coups d'état, popular unrest and riots, accidents and man-made disasters, as well as other circumstances that may impede the full implementation of the conditions of the Mining agreements.

8.3. In the event of Force Majeure which complicate or make it impossible to fulfill the terms of the Mining Agreement, the Local Authority promptly notifies Users of the occurrence. The fulfillment of obligations under the Agreement will be temporarily stopped. In this case, the validity of the contract will be extended depending on the duration of force majeure. With prolonged force majeure, the Local Authority may terminate the provision of its services.

8.4. The Local Authority can redeem all active contracts for the production of cryptocurrency from Users at a price set at the current time to prevent disputes related to government regulations. In this case, the corresponding notification will be sent to the mailbox (specified by the User at registration) in advance (7 days).

8.5. if you use more than one mining machine plan on Tech Host Farms  your account will request an upgrade which will require a fee. only upgraded accounts can choose more than one mining machine plan. 





1.1. Le présent Contrat d'utilisation (ci-après dénommé le Contrat) régit la relation entre l'autorité locale du site Web du service Tech Host Farms  .

1.2. L'autorité locale du site Web peut apporter des modifications à toutes les clauses de l'accord, les modifier et ajouter de nouvelles conditions sans en informer l'utilisateur. Un utilisateur qui continue à utiliser le site Web après que des modifications ont été apportées à l'accord les accepte pleinement.

1.3. L'autorité locale du site Web attribue l'entière responsabilité personnelle à l'utilisateur pour vérifier les changements dans l'accord soumis.

1.4. L'objet de l'accord présenté est l'accès à l'utilisation des installations du site Web Tech Space Miner. L'accord est juridiquement contraignant pour ses participants - l'autorité locale du site Web et l'utilisateur.

1.5. L'Utilisateur s'engage à étudier les termes du présent Contrat avant de remplir le formulaire d'inscription. En s'inscrivant, l'utilisateur confirme l'acceptation pleine et entière de toutes les conditions du contrat soumis.

2. Inscription

2.1. Seul un adulte peut devenir utilisateur du site Web. En vous inscrivant, vous confirmez cela.

2.2. Un utilisateur est considéré comme une personne physique inscrite sur le site conformément aux exigences d'un site Web.

2.3. Pour vous inscrire, vous devez remplir les sections appropriées du formulaire et confirmer l'inscription en suivant les instructions qui seront automatiquement envoyées dans votre boîte de réception.
2.4. Chaque utilisateur qui réussit le processus d'inscription se voit attribuer un numéro personnel (ID).

2.5. Si une activité suspecte est détectée dans le compte personnel, comme un accès non autorisé au mot de passe ou une connexion, l'utilisateur doit en informer l'autorité locale du site Web.

2.6. L'Utilisateur est entièrement responsable de chaque action entreprise dans son compte personnel.

2.7 L'Utilisateur n'est pas autorisé à créer plusieurs comptes sur le Site. Premièrement, un compte ne peut pas être utilisé pour fournir des avantages à un autre compte du même utilisateur, par exemple, en liant des comptes à l'aide d'un programme de parrainage. L'utilisateur ne peut utiliser qu'un seul compte («interdiction d'utiliser des multi-comptes»).

L'administration du site recommande vivement aux utilisateurs disposant de plusieurs comptes de fermer l'un d'entre eux car la violation de l'interdiction d'utilisation de plusieurs comptes menace de révoquer immédiatement le droit d'utiliser le service.

2.7.1 L'Utilisateur n'a pas le droit de créer un compte sur le Site au nom ou à la place d'une autre personne. En cas de violation de cette interdiction, l'Administration se réserve le droit de priver l'utilisateur du droit d'utiliser le Site.

3. Services

3.1. En acceptant l'accord, l'utilisateur autorise l'autorité locale du site Web à fournir des services. L '"Accord pour l'exploitation minière" est conclu entre l'autorité locale du site Web et l'utilisateur. Conformément aux dispositions du Contrat, l'Autorité Locale du Site Internet accorde à l'Utilisateur une certaine puissance de calcul pour l'extraction de crypto-monnaies, en fonction du taux choisi par l'Utilisateur.

3.2. L'utilisateur ne peut utiliser le service de crypto-monnaie que pour son propre compte, pour recevoir son profit, en réalisant les risques possibles. La violation de cette clause de l'accord peut servir d'excuse pour résilier unilatéralement l'accord d'exploitation minière par l'autorité locale.

3.3. L'Utilisateur doit payer et devoir au fournisseur de services certains frais de maintenance du fonctionnement du centre de données pour l'utilisation des Services tels que décrits dans le présent Contrat. Le fournisseur de services calculera et déduira automatiquement les frais de maintenance de la sortie du taux de hachage du client sur une base quotidienne. Dans le cas où la sortie du taux de hachage pendant un ou plusieurs jours ne couvre pas les frais de maintenance, le fournisseur de services peut déduire les frais de maintenance de toute sortie de taux de hachage ultérieure pendant la durée du contrat. Le fournisseur de services peut parfois proposer des promotions pour lesquelles les frais de maintenance doivent être prépayés. Le fournisseur de services peut parfois proposer certains services, produits ou promotions pour lesquels il n'y a pas de frais de maintenance ou les frais de maintenance ont été annulés, modifiés ou réduits. Par exemple Prepaid Special 360.

4. Utilisation des installations du site Web

4.1. L'accès aux services d'un site Web est ouvert uniquement à un utilisateur enregistré avec un compte personnel actif.

4.2. L'Autorité Locale peut demander les pièces justificatives d'identité à l'Utilisateur dans certains cas (pour la protection des comptes contre les actions non autorisées de tiers).

4.3. Le site Web et le contenu contenu sur les pages du site Web et gérés par l'autorité locale sont la propriété de l'autorité locale.

4.4. L'utilisateur qui transfère des fonds à son solde personnel dans le système confirme que toutes les transactions entrantes sont effectuées pour payer le service et recevoir des bénéfices de l'exploitation minière, sur la base du taux sélectionné.

4.5 L'utilisateur reçoit quotidiennement le relevé de transaction. En cas de désaccord avec le relevé quotidien, l'Utilisateur en informera le service Support dans les 24 heures suivant la réception du relevé. Dans le cas contraire, cette déclaration sera considérée comme confirmée par l'Utilisateur.

5. Responsabilité et prise de conscience des risques
5.1. Toute activité liée aux crypto-monnaies est lourde d'esprit